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The 40/40 Rules Book

Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40

It’s time to finally take charge of your life and design theLife of your dreams!

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“The 40/40 Rules: Wisdom from 40 Women over 40 is a quick-reading compilation of the authors’ responses to the same thoughtful questions about how they each navigate their lives. Through this emerges a tapestry of stories colored with personal life lessons, invaluable knowledge and encouraging insights. Although there is diversity within the group of authors, there seems to a common denominator about this season of life that develops. It’s about the time women bloom into the best versions of themselves. Lessons learned reshape and define our self-esteem, values, and desire to serve others with clearer purpose. Rather than a threshold signaling an irreversible step into the eve of old age, 40 is actually pretty magical.” I highly recommend the book!

Andrea Stockton Business Owner

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  • Double your productivity to create the business or life you have always dreamed about; working smarter to create more profits or success faster.
  • Would you love to have more time each day to get it all done and have more fun while you’re doing it? You can simplify your life learning: How to grow your business from where it is now to where you want it in the shortest amount of time.
  • Get Real Answers to Today’s Hard Questions. Finally get your questions answered about what works so you can design a life to the size of your dreams.
  • Do You Know How Valuable You Are? Learn what the core values are within a sisterhood community of women who truly believe every woman should be cherished and not just tolerated. Understand what a life well lived actually is, and How To Tap in and Turn On to live the most powerful you! Loved and Appreciated!
” The Authors of The 40/40 Rules-Wisdom are women over age 40 who are unique in themselves and share their diverse paths to achieve want every woman wants: to feel special and be special and gain great wisdom.”

MaryAnn AllenBusiness Owner

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What Other People Are Saying:

“What a great idea to bring forty women together and get different perspectives for each of them.

I learned many different ways others have done things! It gave me hope that I too could try some new things in my life and be just fine.”

Melissa Krampitz


“This book has brought me some new insights and the feeling that I am not alone when it comes to doing “life stuff.”

I have learned a lot about 40 women who definitely have some wisdom to share. You should learn a lot too!”

Laurie Hartling

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“Holly Porter has done it again! You Won’t Want To Put This Book Down. She has brought together forty amazing women who share a wealth of information, their heart, and real wisdom from years of experience.

The book is like a tapestry of various experiences to help any women who read it, feel a true sisterhood, inspiration and come away with ideas on how to be more prosperous in life and business. I highly recommend this must-read book for anyone who wants to move their life forward.”

Michelle Finnagan Nixon


Learn What’s Inside This Amazing Book:

Each Author Was Asked The Following Questions.

  • How important do you feel commitments are?
  • What do you suggest to others for creativity and productivity?
  • What is the best financial advice you have learned?
  • What is your favorite quote or mantra?
  • What are three must-read books?
  • When in your life were you most committed to someone or something?
  • What time of the day are you most productive and why?
  • Share a time in your life when you felt the most creative and productive.
  • Share a time in your life when you felt the most creative and productive.

” You Won’t Want To Put This Book Down” – Michelle Finnegan-Nixon

The 40/40 Rules Topics from Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40:

  • Wisdom Comes in Many Forms By Holly Porter
  • Let’s Do This Thing Called Life By Jeanette Armstrong
  • Stop Surviving, Start Thriving By Terica Wright
  • Success and Second-Chances By Annette Judd
  • It Is What It Is By Meredith Allen Gordon
  • Under New Management By Daria Dillard Stone
  • My Life Well Lived…So Far By Zan Ray
  • Serving Up Success By Rhonda Beyreis
  • Consistent Business Success By Katrina Sawa
  • Turning Real Estate Dreams into Reality By Catherine Maranca
  • Double Devotion By Juli Martin
  • Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom from Dad By Patricia Henderson
  • Hindsight By Catt Serrano
  • Everything Happens for a Reason By Barb Neuenschwander
  • My Metamorphosis By Dr. Birgitte Tan
  • Live in the Present, Learn from the Past By Tracy Moore
  • Be Seen and Heard, and Shine By Rebecca Hall Gruyter
  • Keep Your Head Above the Voices By Karen “Kiki” Simpson
  • A Journey Towards Success By Kelly LeFevre
  • Do the Work By Camille Baker

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  • Real Answers to Today’s Hard Questions BettyLou Nelson Adam
  • Life Tapped In, Turned On, & Powerful By Freyja Inanna
  • Pursuing Your Dreams with Creativity and Confidence By Kelley Robbins
  • You Are Your Best Compass By River Easter
  • Life Moves On By Christy Weber
  • Charming Changeable You By Toby Moilan
  • Wisdom from the Heart By Betty White
  • Finding Joy By Kaylene Campbell
  • Who Am I By Dr. Vicki D. Coleman
  • A Balanced Life For You By Rhonda Cimorelli
  • Kaleidoscope By Christina Tama Sweet
  • Gratitude By Marion Morgan
  • Serving Up Success By Rhonda Beyreis
  • Embrace Who You Are By Cindy Brogden
  • Climb Every Mountain By Kathy Peake
  • Commitment to be Happy By Cary Mac Arthur
  • Nana Says By Monique Miner
  • Perseverance By Laurel Bushman Batson
  • Visionary Leadership By Sarah Michael
  • A Strong Woman Never Gives Up By Catherine M Laub